About UDEL21

Project UDEL21 (Use Diversity to Enhance Learning in the 21st Century) aims to help schools and training providers on both regional and international level to integrate broadly defined diversity in education and therefore to realise better learning.
Participating countries are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia. All in all 720 schools will take part in this project which starts in September 2015 and ends in August 2018. During these three years a common frame of reference on diversity will be created, examples of good practices on exploiting full potential of diverse learning groups will be collected, tools based on the good practices will be developped (e.g. instruments, protocols, materials, case studies, schemes) and regional as well as international in-service trainings will be prepared and provided.


2nd UDEL21 International Course will be hold in Portorož, SLOVENIA January 21-26 2018 - more info
1st International Conference in Prague (CZ), September 21-23, 2017 is over, see outcomes - more info
Done! We have developed 88 tools (activities, methods, approaches). Tools are currently at the piloting stage. Then they will be aviable here for practical use in a clasroom to support learning in/for diversity.