#3 Course on Diversity 

May 27 - June 1 2018,           Castiglione del Lago, IT

The last #3 course of UDEL21 project aims to develop training programs on both national and international levels for further exploitation of the project. 

Target group:  Teacher's trainers, tutors, in-service training providers, diversity leaders

Accommodation: Il Torrione Hotel Aganor, Residence Castiglione, Hotel Isola Verde
Course Venue:  In public historical sites of Castiglione del Lago
Program leader:  Marleen Clissen

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#2 Course on Diversity

January 21- 26  2018,                            Portoroz, Sl, Hotel Marko
The Erasmus + KA2 project UDEL 21 brings together a partnership of schools, service providers and university educators from Austria, Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia), Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia. Together, they established an overall common frame of reference on diversity and developed more than 70 tools (e.g. class activities and good practices). The tools are written in accessible and simple templates, ready-to-use and are currently finetuned. The partnership provides national and international in-service training. We are very proud to announce our second training course in Portoroz, Slovenia for learning innovative strategies and sharing and connecting with teachers from international contexts.
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#1 Course on Diversity

September 25-29 2017;                   Praha, CZ, hotel Corinthia       
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The UDEL 21 project is closed, all events and planned actions have been realized, all outcomes developed. We are in the final administration phase.

Course for teacher's trainers will be held in Castiglione Del Lago, IT, May 27 - June 1 2018.

2nd International Conference will be held in Perugia, IT, May 24-26 2018. Venue: Hotel Gió, University of Perugia. – see more

We are developing online environment for tools (activities, methods, approaches). Tools will be available from for practical use in a clasroom to support learning in/for diversity.