Our Goals

The vision of the project is to help to create better future society where everybody learns and lives better together in diversity! 
We see as a crucial thing to integrate diversity in the school models. We understand that to reach this goal it is important to equipe teachers by the right knowledge and skills to be able incorporate local diversity into their practice. That is why the project will define common frame of reference on diversity which will provide common ground and shared understanding on how to integrate diversity in the school models and will offer European platform of information, discussions, and exchanges of experiences on the subject of diversity. The project will preprare, provide, and offer to use a “library” of in-service trainings on diversity. Any European school, support organisation or training provider can choose the module of in-service training from the “library” which fits best into their specific situation and can be inspired how to use diversity as a strength in education to realise better learning.


The UDEL 21 project is closed, all events and planned actions have been realized, all outcomes developed. We are in the final administration phase.

Course for teacher's trainers will be held in Castiglione Del Lago, IT, May 27 - June 1 2018.

2nd International Conference will be held in Perugia, IT, May 24-26 2018. Venue: Hotel Gió, University of Perugia. – see more

We are developing online environment for tools (activities, methods, approaches). Tools will be available from for practical use in a clasroom to support learning in/for diversity.