Project Partners

Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen

Carl Snoecx
Annemie Jennes
Diane Vanhove
Marleen Clissen

Secrétariat général de lʾenseignement catholique (SeGEC)

Bruno Mathelart
Sophie Dandache
Edith Devel, Emmanuel D’haeyere


Milan Kotík
Zdeňka Andělová, Barbora Vobořilová, Jana Swainson

Università degli Studi di Perugia (UNIPG)

Alessandra Valastro
Letizia Pietrolata
Mariella Morbidelli
Simone Petrucci

Osnovna šola Lucija

Jezerka Beškovnik
Andreja Klančar

Europa Büro, Stadtschulrat für Wien

Gudrun Jauk
Anja Thielmann


The UDEL 21 project is closed, all events and planned actions have been realized, all outcomes developed. We are in the final administration phase.

Course for teacher's trainers will be held in Castiglione Del Lago, IT, May 27 - June 1 2018.

2nd International Conference will be held in Perugia, IT, May 24-26 2018. Venue: Hotel Gió, University of Perugia. – see more

We are developing online environment for tools (activities, methods, approaches). Tools will be available from for practical use in a clasroom to support learning in/for diversity.